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Super Blood Moon on May 26: How to click pictures of the moon using your smartphone

A rare Super Blood Moon is all set to make its appearance in the night sky tomorrow, May 26, marking the second of three supermoons this year. Unlike solar eclipses, the Blood Moon 2021 can be viewed with naked eyes — without requiring any special gear.

Super Blood Moon 2021: What is it? 

A total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon occurs when the Moon’s surface turns reddish since the Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the Moon and only light reflected from the lunar surface is refracted by Earth’s atmosphere. The Full Moon will be closest to the Earth on May 26, so it may look larger in the sky.

Super Blood Moon 2021: Will it be visible in India?

In India, the blood moon eclipse will be visible only in the penumbral phase. The observers will be able to see the supermoon throughout the night if the sky is clear. Like all full moons, the supermoon rises in the east around sunset and sets in the west around sunrise.

The total lunar eclipse or the Blood Moon 2021 will be visible mostly from Eastern Asia, Pacific Ocean, most parts of North and South America and Australia.

Super Blood Moon 2021: How to take pictures via Android, iOS devices

The Super Blood Moon 2021 will create stunning views and provides astronomers, stargazers, and enthusiasts of celestial events around the world the perfect time to elevate photography with some incredible snaps. Here’s how you can do so with ease through your Android or iOS smartphone:

  • Try going to a spot from where the supermoon is aptly visible and a picturesque view appears
  • Adjust the exposure on your smartphone so that the picture doesn’t turn out too lit and details are captured
  • Using a tripod is always advisable to maintain the stability
  • Go for the highest resolution on your smartphone to capture details
  • Do not zoom too much as the picture can appear grainy
  • Enable HDR on your smartphone to take well-lit images
  • Avoid using the LED flash of your smartphone
  • Take multiple images to select from the best ones
  • Use editing apps such as Snapseed, PicsArt, Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other to edit the images for further enhancements

The next total lunar eclipse will occur on May 16, 2022, but, it will not be visible from the Indian subcontinent. But on November 8, 2022 a lunar eclipse will be seen from India.

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