Sunny Ray: ‘Subham Can Go To Any Extent And Has No Inhibitions’

Director Sunny Ray’s debut Bangla film Bishakto Manush stars Subham, Saurav Das, Rupsha Chatterjee, Sumana Das and Anangsha Biswas in the lead. “The film is a dark drama wherein a lot of serious issues have been addressed, albeit, on a lighter note,” said Sunny.

Divulging more on the storyline of the film, the director shared, “Agnibha Bose, a struggling and mentally-disturbed novelist, who was trying to combat his personal trauma, meets the ultimate therapist of his life and career, a necrophiliac serial killer, named Taufique Asif, who is awaiting a death sentence in prison. Will Agnibha be able to pull out a winning novel after three consecutive failures? What are the dark hidden chapters of Taufique’s life is what this film is all about.”

Sunny, who has previously worked with Subham in his Hindi debut film Salt, can’t stop praising him.

“Subham is the actor-producer of Bishakto Manush and I must admit that as an actor, he has done a fantastic job in this film. During Salt, he used to be nervous but with time he has become more confident and it will reflect on the screen. His character, Taufique Asif, is not an easy role to play and has a lot of shades. The way Subham has portrayed the character is praiseworthy. What I like about him is his determination and the hunger to learn more. For a perfect shot, Subham can go to any extent and has no inhibitions. I am very happy to work with him and hopefully we will work on more meaningful projects in the near future,” said Sunny.

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