Sudheer Babu Launches Official Teaser Of ‘Black’

Actor Sudheer Babu has launched the official teaser of Aadi Sai Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Black.’ The 41-year-old actor, who has co-starred with the actor in Sriram Adittya’s 2017 film ‘Samanthakamani,’ took to Twitter to share the YouTube link of the video.

Aadi, who plays a cop, appears wearing his uniform in one of the frames in the teaser. The one-minute three seconds teaser features action-packed stunt sequences with thumping high-speed music playing in the background. Playing the role of a cop, Aadi looks striking in the action sequences. The teaser promises a high-octane entertainer. Bengali actress Darshana Banik, who is played the female lead, makes an appearance in the teaser, standing in front of the goons.

Sharing the teaser, Sudheer Babu wrote, ”Here’s my friend #AadhiSaiKumar’s #BLACK teaser. Quite an interesting one. Good luck Aadhi and everyone involved @KRISHNAGB4 #MahankaliMovies #SureshBobbili.’

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