Study: Women Using Chemical Hair Straightening Products Are At Higher Risk For Uterine Cancer

Washington [US]: Women who used chemical hair straightening products have been at better hazard for uterine cancer in comparison to women who did now not file the use of those merchandise, consistent with a new study.

The researchers found no institutions with uterine cancer for different hair products that the women said the use, along with hair dyes, bleach, highlights, or perms.

The examined records consist of 33,497 U.S. Ladies a long time 35-seventy four collaborating in the Sister Study, a take a look at led with the aid of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), part of NIH, that seeks to perceive hazard factors for breast cancer and different health situations. The girls were followed for almost eleven years, and for the duration of that point, 378 uterine cancer instances were identified. The researchers found that ladies who mentioned frequent use of hair straightening products, defined as extra than four instances in the previous year, have been greater than twice as probably to move directly to develop uterine cancer as compared to folks who did now not use the goods.

“We estimated that 1.64% of girls who never used hair straighteners might move on to develop uterine cancer with the aid of the age of 70; however, for common customers, that threat goes up to 4.05%,” stated Alexandra White, Ph.D., head of the NIEHS Environment and Cancer Epidemiology group and lead author on the new examine. “This doubling fee is concerning. However, it is vital to position these records into context — uterine cancer is an extraordinarily rare sort of most cancers.”

Uterine cancers debts for about 3% of all new cancer cases; however, is the most commonplace cancer of the female reproductive system, with 65,950 envisioned new cases in 2022. Studies show that the prevalence prices of most uterine cancers were rising inside the United States, especially among Black ladies.

Approximately 60% of the individuals who suggested using straighteners within the previous year had been self-recognized Black girls, following the examination posted in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Although the observe did no longer locate that the relationship between straightener use and uterine cancer incidence became one of a kind via race, the negative health consequences can be more significant for Black girls due to higher use.

“Because Black ladies use hair straightening or relaxer merchandise extra regularly and tend to initiate use at in advance ages than other races and ethnicities, those findings can be even more applicable for them,” stated Che-Jung Chang, Ph.D., an author on the brand new examine and a studies fellow in the NIEHS Epidemiology Branch.
The findings are steady with previous studies displaying straighteners can boom the danger of hormone-related cancers in ladies.

The researchers did now not accumulate records on manufacturers or ingredients inside the hair merchandise the women used. However, within the paper, they observe that several chemicals observed in straighteners (parabens, bisphenol A, metals, and formaldehyde) may contribute to the accelerated uterine cancer hazard discovered. Chemical publicity from hair product use, in particular straighteners, can be more concerning than other private care merchandise because of increased absorption thru the scalp, which can be exacerbated through burns and lesions caused by straighteners.

“To our knowledge, that is the primary epidemiologic look that tested the relationship among straightener use and uterine most cancers,” stated White. “More studies are wanted to affirm those findings in distinct populations, to decide if hair products contribute to health disparities in uterine cancer, and to perceive the specific chemicals that can grow the hazard of cancers in ladies.”

This crew previously determined that permanent hair dye and straighteners can also grow the danger of breast and ovarian cancer.

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