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Brown University was established in 1764 as a private college. It has a total bachelor’s enrolment of 6,792 students (fall 2020). It is located in a city and covers 146 acres. The educational calendar is semester-based. Brown has Currently ranked #14 in National Universities in the Best Colleges 2022 edition. The total cost of tuition and fees is approx $62,404. Brown University, situated atop College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, has a college town feel, with Thayer Street serving as a hub of activity for retail and restaurants.

For the first six semesters, all Brown students must reside on campus, though a small minority of juniors may be granted rights to stay off-campus. Traditional singles, doubles, triples, and accommodations are available. Students can find a means to follow their interests with over 400 student clubs on campus, varying first From Brown Noser satirical newspaper to Brown Ballroom Dance. The Brown Bears play in the Ivy League and feature over 35 NCAA Division I, athletic teams. Brown university boasts an active Greek community, with approximately a dozen chapters and a couple of founder Greek groups.

Brief History of the University : 

Brown was the first university in North America to admit students irrespective of their religious background when it opened its doors in 1764. The university is home to the country’s oldest applied mathematics program, the Ivy League’s oldest engineering program, and New England’s third-oldest medical program.

University has a rich history and reputation

In the late nineteenth century, the institution was one of the first in the United States to give doctorates, adding master’s degrees and doctoral degrees in 1887. After a time of student lobbying, Brown introduced its Open Curriculum in 1969. The new curriculum removed strict “general education” distribution criteria, made students “architects of their syllabus,” and offered them to take any program for a satisfying (Pass) or no-credit (Fail) mark that was not reported on external transcripts. Pembroke College, Brown’s coordinated women’s institution, was fully incorporated into the university in 1971.

Admissions in the university is one of the most competitive in the country. In 2022, the institution announced a 5% admission rate for first-year students. The College, Graduate School, Alpert Medical School, School of Engineering, School of Public Health, and School of Professional Studies make up the university. The Watson Institute for Foreign and Public Affairs organizes Brown’s international activities, and the institution has academic ties to the Marine Biological Laboratory and the Rhode Island School of Design. Brown University provides bachelor’s and graduates dual degree programs in collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design.

Brown Universiy has become the most wanted study abroad destination for Indian Students

Main Campus : Brown University’s main campus is Providence, Rhode Island’s College Hill area. A nationally designated cultural district with a high concentration of Colonial-era structures surrounds the university. Welfare Street, which lies along the western end of campus, is home to one of the country’s most diverse collections of 17th and eighteenth buildings.

Excellence in Academics : Brown has nine Nobel Prize winners among its graduates, faculty, and researchers as of March 2022, as well as seven National Humanities Medalists and ten National Medal of Science laureates. 26 Pulitzer Prize winners, 19 millionaires, one US Supreme Court Chief Justice, four US Secretaries of State, 99 members of the US Congress, 57 Rhodes Scholars, and 38 Olympic medalists are among the prominent alumni.

Excellence in Academics is the CORE of the University

Why you should study at Brown University:

Brown academics are infused with innovative teaching, rigorous scholarship, and varied perspectives. Brown has an international reputation for its creative undergraduate educational experience, anchored at the College and rooted in the Open Curriculum, both flexible and intellectually challenging.

Brown University seeks “…for a feeling of humanity in which the self-confidence of all members is developed through the fostering of mutuality, tolerance, and understanding,” as stated in the Brown University Principles. Individuality is valued and encouraged at Brown University, emphasizing the community aspects of academic life. A socially accountable community creates a framework in which individual liberties can develop without compromising the personal freedoms of others. The University is responsible for engaging with ethnic, religious, gender, cultural, gender identity, and other differences in an open, truthful, and equal manner. The University aims to foster an essential environment for the institution’s academic, instructional, and community missions.”

Student lifestyle:

The University is responsible for engaging with ethnic, religious, gender, cultural, gender identity, and other differences in an open, truthful, and equal manner. The University aims to foster an essential environment for the institution’s academic, instructional, and community missions.

Students experience the best learning environment

Accommodation facilities :

In close-knit dorm groups of 50 – 70 students, first-year university students live with mates. Returning students use a lottery system to select housing allocations, which vary from single personal rooms to flats and flats for friends and groups.  A network of program homes, such as Casa Machado (Spanish language, Hispanic culture), Environmental House (sustainability, social action), and St. Anthony Hall (literary society), provide opportunities to live and learn among people who share common interests. On-campus housing is also available through several of the University’s Greek-letter groups, with over 1,100 members.


Brown University has several academic institutions, including the College, the School of Public Health, the School of Engineering, and the Warren Alpert Medical School, among others.

Financial Aid:

Brown provides financial aid in various forms, including scholarships and Outside Awards. Brown proposes to cover 100 percent of demonstrable needs, with no contribution from the parents if the parent’s earnings are little more than $60,000. The average financial assistance award for the year 2022 is $50,108.

Campus Services:

All first-year students reside on campus, as do 74% of undergraduates. First-year students live on campus in residence halls with a close-knit community. Each hall houses around 50-60 students. More than 1,100 students join Greek-letter organizations.


For more details – you can visit the university website. 

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