State moving towards ‘Jungle Raj’ under Hemant Rule: Deepak Prakash

Ranchi, Aug 20: State BJP president and Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash on Friday claimed that law and order has collapsed in the state and Jharkhand is moving towards Jungle Raj.

Addressing a press conference at the state BJP headquarters here he said that incidents of murder, rape, women atrocities, killing of tribals and maoists related activities are increasing in the state where as development is at zero.

He said that the present government in its 19 month rule has not even constructed a kilometer of road, neither has been able to install even 19 electricity poles or transformers have been put up but

on the other hand loot of mineral wealth was rapidly happening in the state.

Therefore to make the state government wake up from its sleep the party will form human chain

at 267 spots in the state on Saturday and even urged the youth, farmers and women to be part of

the human chain.

Mr Prakash claimed that the state government wanted to destroy the social fabric of the state and claimed that politics of appeasement will not be tolerated as in the recruitment policy languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and English have been removed while Urdu has been kept.

He said that the business of liquor in the state has been given to a particular syndicate which will cause huge losses to the revenue of the state and claimed that after collecting necessary proof will approach IT and ED over the issue.

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