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Start Your Weekend On A Healthy Note: Check Out Esha Gupta New Fitness Post

Esha Gupta’s new fitness post is inspiring us to kickstart our weekend on a healthy note. The actor posted a picture of herself doing a variation of the Low Lunge Pose on Instagram recently.

Esha Gupta is inspiring her followers to kickstart their weekend fitness routine with yoga. The actor shared a picture of herself doing a yoga pose from the comfort of her home on Instagram. As the Covid-19 pandemic forces us to stay inside our homes, Esha Gupta’s post reminded us all to exercise from the safety of our home in order to stop the further spread of the deadly virus.

Esha shared a picture of herself doing a yoga asana on Instagram on Friday. She did a variation of the Low Lunge pose or the Anjaneyasana in the photo. Dressed comfortably in a racerback printed sports bra and a pair of grey joggers, she left her locks open for the yoga routine. She shared the post with an Om symbol for the caption.

Esha sat on the yoga mat with one leg fully extended backwards and the other leg stretched to her front to do the pose. She bent her front leg from the knee and rested one hand on it. As for the other hand, she rested it on the calves of her other leg, thus turning her body sideways. In a traditional Anjaneyasana, one has to raise both their hands perpendicular to the floor and join them in a namaste pose.

Low Lunge or Anjaneyasana helps in stretching the thighs and groins and opens the chest. It provides recovery post-workout and boosts energy while consciously working to better the body posture. The asana also improves the balance of the body.

So, are you starting your weekend on a healthy note?

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