Understanding Spider Bites Piercing – Your Unique Style Statement

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Spider Bites Piercing Types, Procedure, Risks and Jewelry Ideas

Choosing the correct type of lip piercing can be a difficult task with so many options available. One popular option is the spider bites piercing, which can be accessorized with delicate jewelry for a more feminine look or bold spikes for a striking appearance. 

What are spider bites piercing?

A Spider Bite piercing consists of two lip piercings. Spider bites are frequently located adjacent to each other, under the bottom lip to one side. The Spider Bite piercing was named because of the labret jewels and position, which resembled a spider bite. 

Procedure for getting spider bites piercing

Here are the steps your piercer will take while piercing spider bites, and it will cost you between $40 and $90 to do your spider bite piercing.

  1.  Use a medical-grade sanitizer and warm, clean water to clean the outside of your lips.
  2. Sterilize any needles, jewelry, or other piercing tools that will be used.
  3. Mark the area on your lips where the jewelry will be inserted with a skin-safe marker or pen to prevent contact allergies or sensitive reactions).
  4. To do the first piercing, gently but swiftly push a sterilized needle through your skin.
  5.  Put your jewelry through the new piercing.
  6. Stop to wipe up any blood spilt during the piercing.
  7. To limit the possibility of infection, sanitize the outside of your lips once again.

Risks of Spider Bites Piercing

When getting a spider bite piercing, pick a piercer with a lot of expertise in these kinds of piercings. Your teeth and gums are close by, so even though it’s a straightforward, reasonably uncomplicated treatment, there is always a chance of complications.

You run the risk of developing dental injury if you choose not to wear the appropriate jewelry or if you do the piercings where teeth touch them.

Safety measures to take after spider bite piercing

It normally takes 2 to 4 weeks to heal from spider bite piercing below your bottom lip on either side if you take proper precautions, as mentioned below. But you need to take these precautions carefully to avoid getting an infection.

Cover the piercing with a bandage and change it at least once daily. Before touching your piercing, wash your hands with lukewarm water and soap. 

Wash your piercing twice a day with purified water and a saltwater solution. When you cleanse the piercing, pat it dry with a clean towel. 

While bathing or showering, keep the piercing dry. Put on and remove hats, helmets, and clothing items that are close to your piercing with caution.

Which type of jewelry items can you style?  

You can try these jewelry items that can draw attention to a spider bite piercing.

  • Ball closure rings
  • Flat disc labret studs.
  • Simple bead ends
  • Hoops
  • Seamless rings
  • Bead rings
  • Circular barbells

Does it hurt? 

Individual piercings should not be excessively painful; for example, an ear piercing will hurt more than a nose piercing. However, you will have two piercings placed together, which may increase pain and nerve damage.

Consider spacing out your piercings by a few days if you are not very comfortable with pain. People who have had it performed rate the pain as 3-5 on a pain scale of 10, with ten being the worst.

Many people find the process of clamping to be more painful than the piercing itself. 

Is it safe to pierce a spider bites?

If you have previous experiences of keloid scars, avoid getting this piercing. Keep in mind that eating or drinking can irritate this piercing. Before reaching the piercing, rinse your lips with a light mouthwash.

Lip skin is fragile and delicate. Therefore piercing rejection is conceivable. Aside from basic piercing certification, no special training is required for this piercing.

Choose a piercer with positive evaluations and a demonstrated track record of piercing results.

Is it good for your oral health?

Your oral health will be your greatest enemy for your new lip piercing. If you cannot follow aftercare procedures, do not clean your teeth a minimum of twice a day, or have a family history contributing to poor oral health, you might want a piercing away from the lips.

Long-term use of lip jewelry relates to issues such as spreading gum lines and tooth damage. Lip piercings are not for you if you already have these problems.

Types of piercings

Here are some of the types of piercings which you can get: 

1. Lip piercing on the horizontal plane

The horizontal labret is performes similarly to any other skin piercing, resulting in two piercing balls on the lip.

2. Labret piercing

A labret piercing is located in the centre of the bottom of your lip. Labret piercings, like regular lip piercings, are made in the central region of the lip instead of on the side.

3. Medusa piercing

The Medusa piercing is located above the top lip. It is located in the groove beneath the nasal septum. Because of its narrow track, it is frequently associated with septal or nasal ring piercing.

4. Monroe piercing

A Monroe piercing is a piercing that is inserted off-centre, above the top lip on the left side, to mimic Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot, though Monroe’s beauty spot was on her cheek rather than her lip.

5. Triangle Bites

Triangle Bites are a creative and unique mouth piercing style that combines Angel Bites and a lower labret to form a piercing pattern around the mouth.

This piercing is perfect for those who want to add an edgy touch to their look without going for the traditional double-mouth piercings, or the more excessive four-mouth piercings. With this, you can show off your individuality with a stylish and trendy look.

Take away

Spider bite piercings, which are piercings on both sides of the lower lip, are a popular type of body jewelry. If you follow the aftercare instructions correctly, they are generally safe.

When repairing a lip piercing, there are some additional factors to consider. However, like with any other piercing, there are involves in risks.

If you notice any signs of infection, it’s essential to contact your piercer or a healthcare professional without delay.

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