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Best Universities In Spain - 10 Best Universities In The World

Best Universities In Spain – Getting a degree does not have to be a tedious, dull, or difficult experience, especially if you study outside your country. Spain has it all, from the serenity of sandy beaches to the warm breezes of the coast, unique perspectives from the tops of rolling mountains, and the rush and bustle of cities. You may witness not only the obvious distinctions in Spain’s natural landscapes but also cultural differences, thanks to its seventeen autonomous regions.

While having coffee and admiring Gaudi’s art on the roads of Barcelona, listen for the delicate lisp of Catalan, seek for the Moorish touch while visiting the Alcazar of Seville, or spend a day getting lost in Madrid’s Prado museum. You will undoubtedly encounter something new and intriguing wherever you go. T0 10 Universities In Spain 2022 List!

Best Universities In Spain 2022

With world-renowned schools and institutions all around you, you’ll be able to learn while having fun and eventually graduate with a world-class degree. Always remember, when you are in Spain, you are witnessing a great culture of a country has a great history!

1. University of Barcelona

Best Universities In Spain - University of Barcelona
The University of Barcelona is one of the best higher education institutes in the world

The University of Barcelona is the world’s second-highest ranked Spanish university, at 166th position. It was founded in 1450 and is one of the world’s oldest higher education institutions, with rich traditions reaching back to the Middle Ages.

All across the university’s 16 colleges and 106 departments, about 63,000 students are enrolled in various degree programs. Many of the topic areas included within the Qs World University by Subject place the University of Barcelona among the top 100 universities globally.

2. Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public institution in the Cerdanyola del Vallès municipality. It has campuses in Sabadell, Manresa, Terrassa, Barcelona, and Sant Cugat del Vallès in addition to the main campus.

It was established in 1968 and now offers 85 undergraduate programs, 80 graduate programs, and 80 doctoral programs. It offers English-taught bachelor’s degrees in Business Management, Economics, English Studies, Primary Education, and Tourism as a global university.

2. Autonomous University of Barcelona
Spain has a rich heritage of Education

While just five undergraduate programs are offered in English, post-graduate courses have additional alternatives. Genetics, Economics, Data Science, Physics, Chemistry, Management, and Photonics are just a few of the fields covered by these programs.

3. Pompeu Fabra University

The University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) is a public institution in Barcelona, Spain. This young institution was founded in 1990 and is titled on Catalan scholar Pompeu Fabra.  The three faculties of UPF are spread across three campuses. The Social Sciences and Humanities schools are located on the Ciutadella campus.

The Health and Life Sciences programs are conducted on the Mar campus, while the Communication and Information Technology departments are located in Poblenou.

UPF is a research-intensive university with eleven research centers specializing in areas like law, information technology, communication, health, economics, business, and language, to name a few. For international students, Pompeu Fabra University has regarded as one of the greatest universities in Spain.

Spanish Universities use modern techniques and best infrastructure for Education

4. University of Navarra

The University of Navarra, founded in 1952, is ranked fourth among the top 10 Spanish universities. It ranks between 301-350 in the world’s finest university rankings for 2016-2017. After all, the University of Navarra will have 1758 international students by 2020.

Humanities and Art, Life Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Engineering and Technology, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences are Navarra University’s 57 bachelor’s degree majors. It also provides degrees in Health and Medicine, as well as a variety of other majors mentioned on the University’s website.

5. Polytechnic University of Catalonia

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia is ranked sixth among the top ten universities in Spain. UPC talks about technology like no other, having 27,951 students in September 2020, 15 patents in 2019, and a budget of 304 million euros.  Overall, UPP is ranked 401-500 among the top colleges globally. There are 64 bachelor’s degrees and 67 master’s degrees available at PUC.

Life sciences, humanities, art, economics and business administration, engineering and technology, computer science, social sciences, and physical sciences are among the UPC majors. Health and Medicine, as well as Supportive Medical Sciences, are available.

Technical Knowledge is the USP of Spanish Universities

6. Nebrija University (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija)

Despite its small size, Nebrija University tends to attract international students, with roughly 4,000 students dispersed across three campuses.

The university admits international students in addition to Spanish citizens, making it one of Spain’s best universities for international students. You may enjoy the rush and bustle of Madrid while simultaneously taking advantage of all the services, courses, and program options available at a larger university.

7. University of Granada (Universidad de Granada)

The Institution of Granada, Spain’s fourth-largest university, receives many international students, making it one of Spain’s top international universities. It is widely considered one of Spain’s premier universities, one of the finest for international students.

With five locations and a vast range of fields to choose from, you will feel attended to and connect with students worldwide.

University of Granada is a popular destination for international students

8. Complutense University of Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid, the oldest university in Spain, is also one of the world’s oldest higher education institutions. It was founded in 1293 and first named Estudio de Escuelas Generales de Alcalá until gaining its current name in 1499.

The Complutense University of Madrid is now ranked 206th globally and one of the top 50 universities in dentistry. The university has about 86,000 students and was among the first to award a Ph.D. to a female pupil in 1785.

Spanish Universities are Student Centric

9. University of Valencia (La Universitat de València)

The ancient University of Valencia is located in Spain’s third-largest city; Valencia hugs the gorgeous Mediterranean coast.

It is one of Spain’s oldest standing colleges, with roots dating back to 1499. The three primary campuses are dispersed throughout the city, but they are near enough to the shore that you may take a fast stroll there.

Don’t be fooled by the use of Valencian, a Catalan dialect. The majority of the inhabitants know Spanish, so make sure you enroll in lessons given in Spanish or English instead of Valencian!

Best Universities In Spain - 9. University of Valencia (La Universitat de València)
University of Valencia has good numbers of international students

10. The University of Salamanca (Universidad de Salamanca)

If big city living and disappearing into the shadow of a busy lecture hall aren’t your thing, Salamanca University is the destination for you.

You will be involved in the everyday life of Spanish tradition while learning in this ancient city with just a small-town vibe. The Institution of Salamanca is a sought-after place for students from all over the world since it is Spain’s oldest created university.

Best Universities In Spain - 10. The University of Salamanca (Universidad de Salamanca)
University of Salamanca offers many modern courses

Every year, Spain, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, welcomes hundreds of international students. Even though Spanish is the predominant language of instruction, data reveal that Spain has the third-largest number of international students registered in universities.

Furthermore, with their internationally recognized potential for creating competent professionals, Spanish universities are among the most distinguished institutions in the world. Students will have the opportunity to live in a multicultural and interesting environment in Spain.

Warm, kind, and welcoming cultures are distinctive to the Spanish people. Its centuries-old monuments and museums represent a civilization that values the past while living in the present and looking to the future.

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