Sourav Das: ‘People Love Me & There Are Those Who Troll Me As Well’

He’s Tollywood’s one of the most talked-about and most actors, and colourful and controversial as well! Be it his style statement or personal life; Sourav Das has had his fair share of online trolling, even personal attacks keep coming his way. However, the talented actor has his own rules and he sticks to them.

Recently he was trolled for doing a unique photoshoot wearing a skirt and it also became the talk of the town as some mocked him saying ‘Ranvir Singh’s copy cat’. Do all these affect Sourav? How does he handle this online trolling? Well, the actor says he doesn’t do anything keeping in mind what netizens will think about it. “I didn’t come to acting to impress netizens. I do what I like to do. For that, people love me and there are those who troll me as well. That’s their personal choice. But I will live my life on my own terms and I have the right,” says Sourav.

There are quite a few releases in the coming months and Sourav is also busy shooting. “Next month my new film ‘Golpo Holeo Sotty’ is releasing. Two series ‘Rudrabinar Abhishap’ and ‘Katakuti’ will also release. I have also shot for ‘Bishakto Manush’. So, yes there are so many things happening,” adds the actor.

Any actor needs to do homework for his/her characters. How does Sourav prepare for his roles? “The moment I have the script I start working on my character. But the thing is that we don’t have the luxury to take a 6 or 7 month’s break in between films, neither we have the time or money. What I do is I observe the people I come across every day and learn from them and the rest is my imagination,” explains the actor.

Not just acting, but Sourav is now in politics also. However, now he is keeping a distance from active politics and focusing more on shooting. What if he has to handle both at the same time? How will he do it? “It’s really difficult. That’s why I left theatre. I can’t do two things with perfection at the same time.

Acting is my passion and I live for it. Even my parents eagerly wait for each of the characters I play onscreen. Maybe with age, my craziness with acting will slow down. Then I might think about active politics more seriously.

We also asked the actor if there’s any dream role he wants to play onscreen. Sourav promptly answers, “I want to play Joker at least once. It’s my long-cherished dream to play the iconic character.”

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