Sonnalli Seygall Tests COVID-19 Positive

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Actor Sonnalli Seygal has tested positive for COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Sonnalli took to Instagram and shared her wellbeing update with her fans and adherents.

“Now that I have your attention, swipe left for reality, which is me at my COVID best. Finally after 2 yrs I have contracted the virus. I am isolating and recovering. This msg is also a reminder that covid is trying to crawl back into our lives, so mask up guys! This fight is gonna be a little longer than we thought, but we r in it to win it. Stay strong! Stay safe,” she wrote on Instagram.

Sonnalli added, “I really take pride in my immunity and I hardly ever fall sick.. but having contracted this virus now and having fever I guess after yearsss, I have to say it’s not a good feeling and the virus is everything horrible that they say it is. But having said that, lots of fluids, vitamins, medicines, meditation, prayers & lots of doggo love help heal you soonest.”

She also requested those who came in contact with her to get themselves tested.
“Anyone who’s come in contact with me, pls get yourself tested, though my CT count is non-infectious, according to my reports. Stay safe,” Sonnalli posted.

As of late, Shah Rukh Khan and Kartik Aaryan likewise contracted COVID-19.

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