Skincare Tips For Natural Glow

Festivals are a time to shine bright and invest in a proper beauty well-being regime from head to toe. Beauty regimes are not just skin deep, they de-stress and uplift your spirits. With Diwali around, we want your skin to glow all day. As we look forward to the festival season with new excitement and zest, here are some tips for a natural glow skin.

No makeup can match the beauty and softness of a fresh face — Get rid of those tension lines and that stress off your skin with a well-rounded face care routine. Start with a D-tan bleach to make your skin brighter. Follow-up with a facial kit for cleansing, toning and hydration. Best facial kits are the ones that have activated charcoal or acne treatment. Even a gold or diamond facial kit gives excellent results. Cucumber-based toners are recommended. This routine would restore your glow and leave you radiant and pampered.

Lightweight formula — Serums are water or emulsion-based formulations hence they have a light gel like or watery, non-sticky texture that absorbs quickly into the skin quenching the skin’s thirst for moisturization and leaving it with a fresh, dewy smooth finish.

Power-packed ingredients — It is advisable to look for a high performing serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C. Hyaluronic Acid helps treat dull, dehydrated skin, Salicylic acid is oil-soluble and can penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to clean out excess sebum from the pores and reduce oiliness while Vitamic C serves as an antioxidant leads to glowing, even toned skin.

Wink, Pout and Brows — We often forget about small things like lips, eyelashes and eyebrows. Don’t underestimate their role in perfecting the look. A dash of castor oil massaged on eyelashes and eyebrows would render a natural shine. For the photo-ready pout start with a natural lip scrub and apply lip balm for hydration and protection.

Body positivity — scrub, tone, polish and moisturise for gleaming skin. One can never go wrong with skin moisturizing with shea butter and aloe vera based body lotions.

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