Skincare: Easy DIY Body Scrub Recipes

Sugar, coffee, salt are the various substances that are available in our kitchens & that have small granules that could without problems exfoliate the skin. Let’s have a look at some of the easy recipes you could strive out at domestic for a bright, energetic and hydrated frame.

Oatmeal And Sugar Scrub
This scrub will easily put off dry flakes to beautify pores and skin renewal. Sugar has granules, as a result expediting the exfoliation at the same time as oatmeal with its hydrating residences continues the skin surface healthy and hydrated. You can add a spoonful of critical oil to the mixture. Add 1/2 a cup of sugar to a bowl with one or spoons of oil. Stir it properly with a quarter cup of oats. Use the mixture as a scrub.

Coffee And Coconut Oil Scrub
The tiny debris of coffee powder is famous exfoliators whilst coffee is also recognized to reduce the appearance of cellulite. While the granules of espresso will cast off the useless pores and skin cells, coconut oil will right away moisturize the pores and skin. If you’ve got acne-prone skin, rather than coconut oil, which may additionally block the pores, opt for lighter oils like argan oil.

Orange And Salt Scrub
Dried orange peels may be grinded to make a fine powder. Add salt to this powder and a few drops of lavender oil to it. Lavender oil has soothing residences, while orange is a rich supply of nutrition C which brightens the face. The combination of these substances inside the scrub will give you a relaxing revel while giving a radiant glow.

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