Six things will make your Car AC Chilled !!

Temperatures in many cities have touched 40 degrees. In such heat, the AC of cars don’t behave properly. It’s not that only old cars have improper cooling, using it incorrectly in new cars can also be the reason for not giving cooling. Then what to do.. ?

1. Take out the hot air

If the car is standing under direct sun, it can heat from inside. Before using your car make sure that the hot air inside is taken out, open all the gates of the car completely, turn on the car fan. This will also remove the hot air coming from the fan. Now close the gate and then turn on the AC. Also keep in mind that it takes a little time for the AC to give cool air.

2. Use Sun Visor

Sun Visor should always be used in the summer season. It has two advantages. First,  sunlight doesn’t come inside and the car is less warm from inside. Secondly, the efficiency of AC increases. The sun visor should also be applied on the back glass of the car. You can also put curtains in place of sun visors.

3. Turn Off Fresh Air Point

There are two different points for air in a car. One consists of fresh air and the other is air inside the car. In summer,while your AC is running inside, make sure there is no air from outside, Which reduces the cooling inside the car.

4. Vacuum the AC point

vacuum clean all the points of AC in the car, if the dust  accumulated at the air point reaches inside the pipe, it can block the incoming path. And the performance  of AC gets affected.  So every time you clean the car, do a vacuum at its air conditioner point.

5. Keep the window locked

Make sure that all the windows of the car are closed while you are driving and the AC is running. You should check and lock all the windows. Sometimes people sitting in the back seat open the window and forget to close it well. Hot air coming from outside makes it difficult to cool inside.

6. Use of AC Direction Knob

The AC of the car has a multi air transfer knob. We should use it, it can cool the car down fast. Cooling of AC is reduced by 15% or more every year. So we should get our AC checked every year and service it if needed.

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