‘Sister Act 3’ In The Works

A third season of Sister Act is in the works. Whoopi Goldberg has already been looking to get her co-big name, Maggie Smith, to agree to act all over again as Mother Superior in the third part of the acclaimed film franchise.

Whoopi Goldberg found innovative ways to reach out to Maggie, even by acting at the popular British morning tv display Loose Women a couple of days ago. “I need to let Maggie Smith recognize that I’m maintaining the part of Mother Superior for you because I simply can’t do it with anyone but you,” Whoopi said.

She cajoled Maggie, searching without delay into the digital camera, and stated, “…We will do something you need us to do, but we don’t want to do it without you, Maggie.”

Whoopi Goldberg is touching 67, and Maggie Smith is pushing 88. The two made audiences double up with laughter in their 1992 film, Sister Act. In the movie, Goldberg performs the part of a living room singer who is forced to hide in a convent after seeing a homicide achieved by using a criminal gang. While hiding in the convent dressed as a nun, she interacts with the type sisters and soon catapults their neighborhood nun’s choir into an international act.

A sequel, Sister Act 2 observed the following year, and now we’re all geared up for Sister Act three. The audience, too is watching for veteran superstar Maggie Smith to mention ‘Yes’.

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