Signs You’re In A Forced Relationship

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Relationships can test you at times. Be it distance or routine, you have to put in effort for it to work and make your relationship more exciting every day. Putting effort into your relationship is never a bad thing, but when it seems like you are giving more than your partner, you can sense a problem. A relationship is a two-way street and it should be fair to both of the people in it. Here are 5 signs which can help you find out if yours is a “forced” relationship.

They Don’t Ask You About Your Day

While you keenly ask your partner about their day and how it was, they don’t ask you about yours. When you are in a healthy relationship, you are interested in knowing what is going on in each other’s life. If you feel that this conversation is one-sided, even after you tell them about your day and they don’t seem interested, then you have a problem. 

You End Up Taking The Responsibility Most Times 

This is when you are trying to make the best out of the time you want to spend with your partner, after the fight. However, do you take the blame on yourself even though it isn’t your fault? You are the most understanding one in the relationship, even acting as a peacemaker. If during such situations you find them take the blame off themselves and they also are okay with you taking it up. You should think this through.

The Future Doesn’t Excite Them

As we evolve romantically, we dream of a perfect partner, a perfect wedding and a perfect future. At some point in your relationship, you must have discussed a step towards the future which also must have filled your excitement. Now, when you talk to them about the future, they don’t show much interest leaving you with disappointment. This is a big red flag that you must never avoid.

Make You Feel Small

The two people in a relationship are supposed to lift you up and not pull you down. If your partner’s actions or words are making you feel as you are not good enough for them then you should consider backing out of the relationship. A relationship is a partnership where you help each other love yourself and excel in life when the other person is unable to.

If any of these signs are relatable to you then a conversation seems a necessity. After the conversation, if things don’t turn out better then you would want to take a stand for yourself and make sure that you do what makes you happy. Everyone deserves to be happy and with someone who doesn’t make you feel as if you are doing everything for a relationship to thrive.

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