Signs Your Partner Really Cares For You

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As we move through this life, we attach ourselves to people we think will bring us comfort and support. While this doesn’t always prove true, when we’re lucky we run into the right person who believes in us and cares for us genuinely. Is your partner someone who cares for you deeply? Are they there for you in your lowest moments and celebrating with you in your triumphs? Awareness is one of the primary keys to any happy relationship.

When we’re invested in someone who really cares about us, there’s a number of signs we can look out for. From a pattern of actively listening to unconditional acceptance, and a willing accountability — true care is demonstrated not just in our words, but the way in which we behave with our partners as well.

Signs your partner really cares for you:-

Actively listening

Active listening is one of the best skills we can master when it comes to a successful and lasting relationship. So many of us hear what is being said, but we don’t actually listen. We’re too busy anticipating what we’re going to say next. That’s not the case with active listening. When you listen actively, you’re engaged with the other person and focused only on what they’re saying. You ask questions that demonstrate interest and show you want to know more.

Seeking to understand

Understanding is an important part of every relationship. We need to understand ourselves, but we also need to understand our partners. Is your partner understanding of you? Do they try to see things from your perspective whenever new ideas are presented, or you encounter challenges as a couple? When someone goes out of their way to try to understand where we’re coming from, we know we’re invested in a compassionate partner.

Never dismissive

Genuinely caring for someone causes you to see them in a different way. You want the best for them, and you want to see the best in them. Above that, though, you want them to be happy and be comfortable and at peace. Keeping all that in mind, it becomes hard (if not impossible) to become dismissive of that person. Rather than pushing them away, or pretending their feelings don’t matter, the good partner is concerned for your wellbeing. They don’t want to hurt you and won’t dismiss your feelings as anything less than valuable.

Always attentive

A caring partner is one who is attentive to your needs. They don’t live in a world where only their happiness exists. They look at you with empathy, and know that you are a living, breathing person with your own needs and desires that are independent of their own. Caring partners are mature enough to know how to prioritize your needs alongside theirs. They don’t see it as a devaluing of their own needs.

Willing to respond

It’s not enough to be attentive to another person’s needs, you also have to be responsive to them as well. When things go wrong, they actively try to improve your relationship. They’re willing to step up to the plate and put in the work it takes to make sure you know you’re loved, respected, wanted, and a part of the team.

Taking responsibility

Caring for someone else isn’t always about what we offer them. Sometimes, it’s about how we comport ourselves as adults. Part of that is taking responsibility for our own actions. Does your partner take responsibility when they get things wrong? Are they willing to step up to the plate and do whatever work is needed on improving themselves (and the relationship)? That means that they care for yourselves and your partnerships as much as their own self-interest and needs.

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