Significance Of ‘Sindoor Khela’ & How Women Celebrate It In West Bengal

Birbhum (West Bengal) [India]: Women bid adieu to Goddess Durga with ‘Sindoor Khela’ at the event of Vijay Dashmi at a pandal in Birbhum, West Bengal.

On Vijay Dashmi, the remaining day of Durga Puja, married Bengali Hindu women follow the sindoor on the forehead and toes of the goddess and provide chocolates to her, followed by making use of the sindoor on each different’s faces.

Sindoor Khela is referred to as the ‘vermillion game’, and is well known by means of Bengali Hindu girls.

Traditionally, this ritual is meant for married ladies who are expected to observe a described custom and technique when doing Sindoor Khela in the perception that it’s going to carry their excellent good fortune and long life for their husbands.

Applying sindoor is important for all married women; on this occasion, they include that by means of celebrating ‘sindoor khela’.

At this event, married ladies observe ‘sindoor’ on each different’s faces. It is believed that you will have an extended-married lifestyle if you have a greater amount of sindoor for your face.

Significance of ‘Sindoor Khela’
Durga Puja is considered one of India’s maximum important vacations, and Vijaya Dashami marks the fruits of the festivities. Durga Puja is the most crucial occasion in West Bengal.

This is an important day for married ladies who look ahead to all of it yr. People from the Bengali community provide vermilion to Maa Durga on this day. In addition, everybody inside the huge pandal applies vermilion and wishes Durga Puja. This custom is known as ‘Sindoor Khela.’ After that, Sindoor Khela starts. In this, ladies apply vermilion to a further’s feet, while others practice vermilion to each other’s faces.

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