Siberian birds flock to Sangam, attract tourists

Even though winter is yet to arrive in the country, thousands of Siberian birds have flocked to Sangam and nearby wetlands in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj.
The migratory birds are a major attraction for tourists at Sangam, which is also known as the king of pilgrimages. The arrival of these annual visitors at various water bodies heralds the onset of winter. Various species of birds fly from Siberia to wetlands in India during the winter season when the temperatures fall in their home grounds.

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 4 : They make their way to various areas including Sangam, Bheerpur and Sirsi. They usually reach here in November and December when the cold increases. This year they are back early in the month of October. The wetlands are viewed as breeding grounds for these birds where they get a variety of food. Speaking to ANI, Mithilesh Nishad, a boatman said that the birds will bring more people here.
“Every year, after the arrival of these birds, a large number of people visit the ghats to watch them. These birds increase tourism and because of which we earn more. I am very thankful that these birds are back at the ghats,” said Nishad.
A student at Allahabad University, Piyush Tripathi said that with the arrival of the winged guests, life and activity will return to the ghats.
“Every year these birds arrive here in November but this time they are back early. These birds increase the beauty of the ghats and tourism. They become the centre of tourist attraction,” said Tripathi.

“These birds migrate from Siberia in search of food. Their arrival increases tourism here as it becomes a centre of attraction for tourists. Usually, Siberian birds arrive in Prayagraj in the first week of November. But this year, the birds have arrived in October. Low pollution levels due to lesser vehicular traffic during the lockdown may be a reason for their early arrival,” said Yuvraj Soni, a local resident.

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