Shaheen Bhatt, Soni Razdan Reacts Over Alia Bhatt’s Unauthorised Picture

Soon after Alia Bhatt’s pictures clicked internally, her residence had been shared by a media portal as ‘one-of-a-kind’; her own family objected to the equal and known as out the exit for ‘brush aside for someone’s privateness.’

While Alia’s mother, actor Soni Razdan, is known for instant motion, her sister Shaheen Bhatt knows as it ‘terrifying’ and said it would have been taken into consideration ‘harassment’ had Alia weren’t a superstar.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Soni Razdan wrote, “Shocked and dismayed at this blatant disregard for a person’s privacy. Are we really turning into ‘that country’ now? Where all our cultural norms simply cease to exist when it comes to ‘getting the picture’? Hope someone can address this and fast!”

Shaheen penned a notice to proportion her unhappiness. She wrote on Instagram “”So it’s totally cool to point zoom lenses into people’s homes while hiding in neighbouring buildings for “content” now? Grown men. With cameras. Hiding across the road. Taking surreptitious photos of an UNAWARE woman. Without her CONSENT. In her HOME.”

Alia’s mom-in-regulation and actor Neetu Kapoor had also reacted to the incident on Instagram Stories. Sharing a screenshot of Alia’s story, she wrote, “This is not right”. She, however, deleted it later, probably in order to not further spread the pictures.

Alia shared the screenshot of a social media post and wrote approximately how she become clicked interior her residence. Expressing shock over the equal, Alia wrote on Instagram Stories, “Are you kidding me? I was at my house having a perfectly normal afternoon sitting in my living room when I felt something watching me… I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of my neighbouring building with a camera right at me! In what world is this okay and allowed? This is a gross invasion of someone’s privacy! There’s a line you just cannot cross and it’s safe to say all lines were crossed today!” She also tagged the Mumbai Police in her post.

She later deleted the post to avoid their further unfolding. Many of her industry colleagues also took to social media to specific similar experiences and contacted out the media portal for invading her privateness.

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