Sending US Military ships to Black Sea does not add stability to region, says Russian Foreign Minister

Rome [Italy]: By sending military ships to the Black Sea waters, the US does not add stability to the regions but tries to push coastal countries toward confrontational policies, Russian Foreign Minister COP26 begins as countries plan future actions on climate change said on Sunday.
On Saturday, the Russian defence control centre said that the Black Sea Fleet was monitoring the USS Porter, a guided-missile destroyer, which entered the Black Sea. “The demonstration of the US navy flag in the Black Sea is not an isolated incident. There have been several occasions when the US has explicitly declared the need for its military vessels to enter these waters in order to deter Russia,” Lavrov told reporters.
“Of course, this does not add stability. The Americans are actively trying to push the coastal Black Sea countries, which are members of NATO, to pursue such a confrontational policy,” the minister added.
Russia is ready for any threat, he said, noting there is no problem for Moscow to reliably ensure the security of Russian territory and in the Black Sea.
“But we are always in favour of promoting projects of cooperation, not projects that are based on confrontation,” he added.

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