Scarlett Johansson Says, ‘I Got Kind Of Pigeonholed Into This Weird Hypersexualized Thing”

Washington [US]: Hollywood famous person Scarlett Johansson has lately revealed that she used to experience that her profession would give up early on due to being “hypersexualized” via the enterprise at a young age, according to Variety.

During a recent episode of Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, Johansson stated that as a young actor, she was so “objectified” and “pigeonholed” that she did not suppose it changed into feasible she’d be capable of diversify her characters. “I kind of become objectified and pigeonholed in this way in which I felt like I wasn’t getting offers for work for matters that I wanted to do,” Johansson stated.

She added, “I don’t forget wondering to myself, ‘I assume human beings suppose I’m 40 years vintage.’ It comes what may stopped being something that became ideal and something that I changed into combating against.”

Variety has suggested that Johansson further said she thinks all and sundry notions I changed into older and that I’d been [acting] for a long term, I were given the kind of pigeonholed into this bizarre hypersexualized element.”

“I felt like [my career] changed into over. It changed into like: that’s the form of career you have; those are the roles you have played. And I become like, ‘This is it?'” she endured.

Since then, times have changed for Johansson as young actors, from Zendaya to Florence Pugh, are not so without difficulty forced into being pigeonholed.

“I see more youthful actors, which can be in their 20s; it appears like they’re allowed to be this kind of different things. It’s all over again, too. We’re no longer allowed to pigeonhole other actors anymore, thankfully, right? People are a lot more dynamic,” Johansson stated.

The actor has no longer been visible in theatres because of the launch of Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ in 2021, although she did lend her voice to ‘Sing 2’.

As per Variety, next up for Johansson is her first Wes Anderson undertaking, the superstar-studded ‘Asteroid City,’ accompanied by Kristin Scott Thomas’ directorial ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ opposite Sienna Miller and Emily Beecham.

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