Sayantani Ghosh: ‘ I Will Be A Quintessential Bengali Bride’

Sayantani Ghosh, who is all set to tie the knot on December 5 with his longtime boyfriend Anugrah Tiwari, will land in Kolkata on December 2. Anugrah, who is associate with Kolkata’s fitness industry, will arrive in the city with his family on December 4. Speaking to us about the wedding, Sayantani said, “Our biyer logno is at 4.50 pm on December 5. Though the wedding will be a close-knit affair, we will do kanya daan, sindoor daan, mala bodol and saat phera. We will do the registry on the same day. In the morning, we’ll have gaye holud.”

When asked about their relationship in an interview, the actress, who is currently busy shooting for Tera Yaar Hoon Main, said, “We met through a common friend more than eight years back. After being friends for seven-eight months, it turned into a romantic relationship. There was no dating phase as such; no one proposed to the other, as we could somehow figure out our feelings for each other. But I so wanted my man to go on his knees and propose to me!”

The actress went on to add that they were planning to get married sooner. “We had to postpone it because of the pandemic. But now, since the situation is better, we finally decided to go ahead with it.

And as Anugrah and I are busy with our work schedules, our families are taking care of all the preparations,” she said. Sayantani wants her wedding to be simple, honest and intimate, much like her relationship with Anugrah. “I have seen that the bride and the groom are the most stressed ones on their wedding, a day they should be enjoying the most. I want us to be stress-free where we can mingle with the guests freely and enjoy our special day to the fullest,” she said.

Sayantani told that she’ll be wearing a red Benarasi sari on her wedding day. “Aniruddhada (Chakladar) will do my makeup. I will be a quintessential Bengali bride wearing sankha-pola and mukut.

From my childhood, my mother had started buying my wedding jewellery, so I’ll be wearing all of that.

On December 9, we are having our reception in Jaipur, which is Anugrah’s hometown. I will wear a magenta Kanjeevaram sari on that day,” she said.

Speaking about the menu at her wedding, the actress said, “Anugrah is an eggetarian and he loves luchi, cholar dal, Bengali style aloor dom etc. So, all of these will be there. Added to that, I love mishti doi and rosogolla, so that will also be part of the menu. Anugrah is not fond of sweets though, as he is extremely health conscious. From my childhood, I have been telling ma that on my wedding, mishti paan and ice cream have to be there, so I’m sure my parents have included that in the menu.”

As for her special gift for Anugrah, she said, “I’ve bought a beautiful ring for him. Anugrah knows I love fragrances, so I guess he will buy a bottle of perfume for me. My first gift from him was a perfume and I still have the bottle,” said Sayantani.

The couple also plan to visit the Golden Temple after marriage. “We are not going on a honeymoon now as we both have to resume work from December 12, but now we plan to visit the Golden Temple together,” she said.

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