Sanya Malhotra: ‘I Love My Curls And I’ve Never Faced Any Hurdles’

As the entire world embraces natural looks and emphasises the importance of body positivity, Bollywood is not far behind. Stereotyping actors on the basis of their looks are a thing of the past, as we see several artistes wholeheartedly accepting their natural selves. Proudly flaunting real-life curly hair is one of the highlights of today’s actresses. For example, Dangal girl Sanya Malhotra whose amazing curls are every youngster’s object of envy.

In an interview recently the actress was asked whether she was ever asked to straighten her hair to fit the bill, to which she said, “I’ve never faced it. In fact, this also comes from self-acceptance. I wholeheartedly accept the way I am. I love my curly hair, and that’s what I promote. I feel very happy when there are a lot of curly-haired girls coming up with promoting natural hair and texture. That’s what I’m trying to do (leading by example) with my work and personally, too. Obviously, as an actor, I have to experiment with it for the characters I play. But I love my curls and I’ve never faced any hurdles (because of the same).”

But doesn’t she want to experiment with her hair? Sanya replied, “In fact, people in the industry really like my hair and sometimes it gets difficult even if I want to experiment with my hair for a character. My directors tell me that they love the texture and ask me to keep it the way it is. So that happens a lot (smiles).”

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