Sanjjanaa Galrani: I Feel Completely Drained, Financially, Personally, Legally And Emotionally

Almost a year ago, showbiz and the nightlife industry were rocked when a drug scandal broke out. While several prominent names emerged as part of the investigation, actresses Sanjjana Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi ended up spending a few months in jail. While both are currently out on conditional bail, earlier this week, there were rumours that the hair follicle samples that both had submitted for testing before being moved to jail, returned positive for substance use from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

When we spoke to Sanjjanaa about this development, she was upset with the speculative reports that have followed. “Life has been very difficult post the case, and only a few people stuck with me through my darkest hours. I am going through an extreme financial crisis. Friends with whom I had invested money have turned their backs on me. I feel completely drained, financially, personally, legally and emotionally. I still have big legal bills to meet,” she shares.

The latest news comes around a time that Sanjjanaa has been trying to rebuild her career. “My life was just getting back on track and then this FSL report pops up. I have been busy serving people who are in more pain than me. Also, on the career front, I have been trying to bounce back with work through my social media accounts and did two films post the lockdown, which are helping me cope,” she adds.

While on the topic of the case, the actress has a few questions. “Isn’t it strange that only two women are in the limelight in this case? What happened to other celebrities, politicians’ kids and people from the page 3 circuit who were named in connection with the investigation?” asks Sanjjanaa.

The actress is looking at challenging the report legally. “My lawyer will challenge the FSL report; there are many grounds on which an FSL report can return positive or negative. Even certain medications and alcohol have various chemicals. However, I respect the police and have faith in God and the courts that they will see that two women are being made scapegoats,” she signs off.

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