Sanjay Raut reacts to fuel price hike as petrol crosses Rs 110/litre mark in Mumbai

Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Sanjay Raut, on Thursday, while interacting with reporters said the process of burning one demon (Ravana) that is Petrol and Diesel (prices) will begin from tomorrow i.e., Dussehra and in the year 2024, the demon will be burnt completely.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 14 : “The process of burning the demon of petrol and diesel will start from tomorrow. On the day of Dussehra, we will burn one Ravana and in 2024 it will be burnt completely,” said Raut. Interestingly, both the National and Maharashtra assembly polls are scheduled to take place in the year 2024 only.
Meanwhile, Petrol and diesel prices were hiked again across the country on Thursday after a pause of two days.
In Mumbai, petrol prices were raised by Rs 0.34 to Rs 110.75 per litre, and diesel by Rs 0.37 to Rs 101.4 per litre.
Oil companies started raising auto fuel prices last week. The pause on the prices on October 12 and 13 came after a seven-day consecutive rise.

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