Sanjay Dutt Reveals He Preferred To Die Rather Than Taking Chemotherapy

Sanjay Dutt recently spread out about his lung most cancers prognosis in 2020, when he was shooting for the movie Shamshera. He stated the information about the ailment wasn’t shared with him properly as he did not have any family members by way of his aspect. Sanjay emerged successful after his most cancers battle and is presently making headlines for his ripped biceps and triceps in his exercise pictures.

Sanjay Dutt was shooting for KGF 2, while undergoing cancer remedy. He shot extreme motion scenes and persisted in training sessions all through the time.

Talking about how he was told of his cancer diagnosis,  Sanjay recently said at an event, “I had a backache and was treated with a hot water bottle and painkillers until one day I couldn’t breathe.  I was taken to the hospital, but the component was that most cancer information was not broken to me properly. My wife, my own family, or my sisters, no one was around me at that time. I become all on my own, and all at once, this man comes and tells me, ‘you’ve got cancer’.”

The actor further said that once getting to know approximately his situation, he favored dying in preference to taking chemotherapy. He stated, “My spouse was in Dubai, so Priya (sister Priya Dutt) came to me. My first reaction was that when you listen to something like this, your entire life reflects again at you. I have a record of cancer in my circle of relatives. My mother died of pancreatic most cancers, and my spouse (Richa Sharma) died of brain cancer. So, the first issue I stated was that I don’t need to take chemotherapy. If I’m presupposed to die, I will die, but I do not want any treatment.”

At the time, Maanayata had flown from Dubai to be with Sanjay, and his sisters Priya Dutt and Namrata Dutt also got here to help him. In a powerful be aware round the release of KGF 2, Maanayata wrote about how the film was shot during their most vulnerable time.

“The film has been a special journey for us in more ways than one. All those who have often labelled him as irresponsible, non-committed, and a bad boy must watch this film to see his determination, dedication and commitment. Sanju shot this film during the most vulnerable phase of his life… our lives. He shot uncomplainingly, all those strenuous scenes with the same passion as ever,” she wrote.

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