Samyuktha Hegde On Body Positivity: ‘No One Was Born Perfect’

The “body positivity” cause seems to be gaining some traction in the Kannada Film Industry as Samyuktha Hegde, following Parul Yadav’s recent post, now comes out with her own earnest plea. The ‘Kirik Party’ actor shared a picture of her toned figure in her most recent post (for reasons beyond vanity) and wrote a heartfelt message alongside to urge people, especially in the digital space, to be kind to another and desist from body shaming.

“Everyone is fighting their silent battles, don’t make judgments based on what you see, some people are trying to lose weight while some are trying to gain, some stay fit their whole lives by constantly putting efforts. No one is LUCKY. No one was born perfect and there is no journey to attain perfection cause it does not exist. Being healthy mentally and physically is important, training and nourishing your body is important, taking care of the one thing you were born with is the most important!” wrote Samyuktha Hegde, who happens to be an avid dancer.

The actor, who rose to fame for her role in ‘Kirik Party’, often shares workout and dance videos via social media. Post the debut, Samyuktha dabbled with TV reality shows and also the OTT.

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