Samsung announces world’s highest resolution phone camera sensor

Seoul [South Korea]: The tech giant company- Samsung has announced the world’s first 200-megapixel image sensor intended for smartphone cameras.
The Verge informed that the ‘ISOCELL HP1’ has 0.64 micrometres pixels and can bin 16 of them at once for the equivalent of a 12.5-megapixel sensor with 2.56 micrometres pixels. Samsung has named the HP1’s pixel-binning technology “ChameleonCell.”
As per The Verge, the four-by-four 12.5-megapixel feature is intended for low-light usage, but it can also capture full 200-megapixel resolution photos, or use a two-by-two binning technique for 50-megapixel images. The two-by-two binning mode also lets the HP1 capture 8K video.
Although standard 8K (7,680 x 4,320) is less than 50 megapixels, the tech- giant company informed that the new sensor can shoot up to 8K without cropping.
Samsung is also introducing a new sensor called the ‘ISOCELL GN5’. As per The Verge, it is a 50-megapixel sensor with 1.0 micrometres pixels, and it is reportedly the first 1.0 micrometres pixel sensor to integrate its Dual Pixel Pro technology.
There has been no word yet on whether the new sensor will be going into mass production, but as per The Verge the samples are currently available for phone manufacturers.

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