‘Salaar’: Prashanth Neel Was Drawn To Prabhas’s Innocence

Today is Prabhas’s birthday and one of his most awaited films is ‘Salaar’, which sees him teaming up with Prashanth Neel, the maker of KGF, making this the Baahubali of all coups. The expectations, naturally, have been a lot and we take a look at when Prashanth spoke about why he cast Prabhas in Salaar.

After films with Sriimurali and Yash, one wonders why he zeroed in on Telugu star Prabhas for his next. “I was drawn to his innocence. Prabhas exudes more innocence compared to most other actors. To draw out this innocence and show it on screen will be fantastic,” says Prashanth.

And while the actor’s innocence was what clicked for the filmmaker, the character Prashant has for him is extremely violent. What is it about violence that draws Prashanth to it? “We don’t have a culture of using the World War or such subjects as premises for our films. So, my logic is that the stronger the villain is, the stronger the heroism that can be shown onscreen. I try to create an environment where it offers both of these. In our given scenario, I will not be able to achieve villainy to that level, nor will I be able to elevate heroism to that point. This is why I try to make my world more violent.”

What does Salaar mean? “There are many interpretations of the term Salaar. It is a more colloquial word, so the meaning I will derive from it is commander-in-chief. The right hand man to a king, the general, is what I would say,” says the director.

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