Russia’s Wagner Group rejects sending ‘Bloody Parcel’ to Ukrainian offices

Moscow [Russia]: Russia’s mercenary firm Wagner Team rejected sending the “bloody packages” consisting of animal eyes, as well as a wave of letter bombs to Ukrainian consular offices as well as numerous consular offices across Europe.

Replying to the accusation of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova sent CNN a single-word comment: “psycho.”.
And Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian oligarch and head of the Wagner mercenary group, stated he had nothing to do with the packages as well as additionally stated that Wagner Team would “never participate in rude silly antics.”.

Earlier, Kubela implicated Russia of being behind the greater than a dozen letters having nitroglycerins or animal parts that were sent out to a series of Ukrainian diplomats.

” Think about the chaos when some goons send bomb letters or various other offensive points, what does this pertain to Wagner PMC,” Prigozhin stated in a written action to media.

Parcels has created panic

Earlier, in Spain, the “bloody packages” was located with a spate of letter bombs, consisting of one that harmed a staffer at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. This occurrence has actually elevated suspicion regarding links to Russia while triggering Kyiv to ask for increased protection at its abroad workplaces, The Washington Post reported.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called the “bloody packages” a “tactical” project of intimidation as well as terror.

A Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated bundles were obtained at consular offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy and also Austria, in addition to at consulates in Naples as well as Brno, in the Czech Republic.

Yevhenia Voloshchenko, a Ukrainian authorities in Rome, stated the parcel received at her consular office contained a fish eye. Czech cops said the envelope in Brno contained “animal cells,” including that it had actually initially been checked for nitroglycerins and also prompted an emptying of the immediate surroundings, including a kindergarten. Authorities said a similar bundle additionally got to the Ukrainian Consular Office in Prague, according to The Washington Article.

Separately, the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See said the entry to his apartment house in Rome had actually been vandalized, with the outside stairwell, ceiling as well as front door smeared with a “filthy substance.” An Italian police representative stated the material was faecal matter.

It is unclear whether the letter bombs in Spain have any type of connection to the various other cases across Europe. The letter bombs were obtained at a series of prominent areas, consisting of the workplace of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, where the letter was impaired in a regulated detonation.

At the same time, Russia’s consular office to Spain came out in its support and said that it has no duty in the campaign, knocking any type of danger or terrorist act against a diplomatic mission as “absolutely condemnable.”

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