Russian transfers money to complete Akkuyu Nuclear Plant in Turkey


By John Solomou

Nicosia [Cyprus]: In an effort to reveal the world that Moscow can do service customarily and execute tasks agreed upon with various other countries, regardless of US and EU permissions, the Russian nuclear business Rosatom decided to move USD15 billion to Turkey for the building and construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant. Bloomberg has actually reported that authorities said that a preliminary USD 5 billion had actually already been received recently.
The task is to be completely financed by the Russian funding, but as half the global gets of Russia have been frozen as a result of the permissions enforced because of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, it continues to be uncertain if Russia will certainly remain in a position to cover all the expenditures to be sustained at the building and construction phase. Part of the cash provided by Rosatom will be made use of for the acquisition and development of a uranium deposit in Kazakhstan, and for acquiring lithium assets abroad.

If all the money is actually transferred, Moscow will reveal the world that construction work with the nuclear reactor, being constructed in Akkuyu on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, at an estimated expense of USD 20 billion, will proceed and also will not be influenced by US as well as EU sanctions on Russia.

When the four 1,200 megawatt activators of the Akkuyu plant come to be operational, Turkey will be able to cover concerning 10 percent of its energy needs from nuclear power. Building work started in 2018 and the task is set up to be finished by 2026. Its initial system is anticipated to be completed in 2023.

Earlier this week, Rosatom accumulated proposals from possible creditors to provide a USD 6.1 billion credit line to finance Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, Rosatom’s subsidiary in Turkey, and also for the “momentary positioning in deposits, purchase of buck bonds of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of the Republic of Turkey.”

The purchasing of buck bonds of the Turkish Treasury and the arrangement of the necessary funds to complete the building of the nuclear plant was seen by experts as a gesture of gratitude by Russian President Vladimir Putin for the energetic role played by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in promoting the advancement bargain for the export of Ukrainian and also Russian grain, along with food as well as fertilizer through the Black Sea. The UN Secretary-General has described the bargain as “a beacon of hope, a beacon of relief in a globe that needs it more than ever.”

It is exceptional that on the day before the announcement regarding the transfer of money was made, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, the business responsible for building the plant, claimed that it had actually canceled its contract with Titan2 Ic Ictas, a joint Turkish-Russian contractor.

The timing of the quote excited rate of interest in Turkey due to the fact that Rosatom chose to pursue the credit limit simply eventually before its subsidiary, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, changed the Turkish-Russian joint endeavor contractor Titan2 Ic Ictas, with TSM Enerji, which is wholly had by three Russian firms, without any Turkish engagement. The reason provided for the substitute of the specialist was that there were numerous troubles, mainly with safety and also insurance.

Until now, Rosatom has not been hit by US as well as EU assents, however, two of the financial institutions giving money for the Akkuyu task, that is Sberbank- the largest financial institution in Russia as well as Sovcombank have actually been subject to permissions. It would be exceptionally challenging for Rosatom to safeguard foreign funding for the Akkuyu power plant, as global financiers fear that they may run afoul of Western permissions.

It must be kept in mind that the nuclear plant adheres to the build-own-operate design and as Russia is in charge of all capital expenses to be made, it will certainly be its proprietor for the very first 25 years. The Turkish government will not participate in funding the job but has actually provided substantial tax obligation exemptions to Rosatom as well as the right to build a port in the location, which will certainly be the very first Russian port in the Mediterranean.

Some critics of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant say that the approval to develop a port and also take pleasure in tax obligation exemptions is like the “capitulations” of the Footrest Empire, which were agreements between the Sultan and also European powers, conferring civil liberties as well as privileges in favor of the topics of European powers resident or trading in the Ottoman dominances.

Environmentalists protest the job due to the fact that it is being created in an earthquake-prone region and also due to the fact that when it is completely operational it will certainly be utilizing concerning one million cubic meters of cooling down salt water per hr. They additionally express concerns about the handling of hazardous waste.

Locals are afraid the plant will certainly interfere with international tourism as well as considerably decrease agricultural financial investments in the region.

One more huge concern about the Akkuyu plant is whether some key components and devices made in various other countries, like the Czech Republic, South Korea, Hungary and France will certainly be really supplied to Rosatom or the business involved will reject to do so, being afraid that they will be breaking the assents.

Time will reveal if Moscow will certainly have the ability to complete the construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Plant, in spite of the sanctions, supply the called for funding, as well as find the needed parts from various other countries, or the job will stay incomplete, creating fantastic disappointment to Turkey – the only NATO country that rejected to apply sanctions versus Russia for its intrusion of Ukraine.

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