Russian-Indian Indra-2021 drills conclude in Volgograd region – Army

Moscow: The 2021 edition of the Indra joint Indian-Russian exercise has ended at the Prudboy training ground in the southern Russian region of Volgograd, Col Vadim Astafyev, spokesman for the Russian Southern Military District, said on Thursday.
“The joint Russian-Indian ground forces exercise Indra-2021 has been completed at the Prudboy training ground. According to the estimates of administration, the international maneuvers, which included many elements of joint combat training, were held at a high level, the Russian and Indian servicemen demonstrated good coordination and professional skills,” Astafyev said.
At the closing ceremony, the Russian and Indian military marched in ceremonial formation.
Around 250 Russian soldiers took part in the drills, with an equivalent number of personnel on the Indian side. In addition, up to 100 units of special equipment and weapons took part in the exercises.

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