Russian defense ministry denies Kyiv’s allegations of civilian killings in Bucha

Moscow [Russia]: Photos and video footage published by Ukraine allegedly evidencing the Russian forces’ crimes in the town of Bucha close to Kyiv are yet another provocation, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

“All photos and video materials published by the Kyiv regime allegedly testifying to some ‘crimes’ committed by Russian soldiers in the town of Bucha, Kyiv region, is another provocation. Not a single local resident has suffered from any violent actions while the Russian armed forces controlled the settlement,” the ministry said.
All Russian units completely withdrew from Bucha as early as March 30, the day after the talks were held between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey, the ministry added.

“The photos and video footage from Bucha are yet another production by the Kyiv regime for the Western media, just like what happened in Mariupol with the maternity hospital as well as in other cities,” the ministry noted.

Throughout the time the town was controlled by the Russian armed forces and until today, residents could freely move around the town and use cellular communications, with the exits from Bucha also not blocked. Residents could flee the settlement in the northern direction, including to Belarus, at any time, the ministry said.

“Meanwhile, the southern outskirts of the town, including residential neighbourhoods, were shelled round the clock by Ukrainian troops with large-calibre artillery, tanks, and multiple rocket launchers,” the ministry added. (ANI/Sputnik)


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