Russia wants no war, those imposing it in West pursuing selfish aspirations: Russian NSA


St. Petersburg [Russia](ANI/Sputnik): Russia does not want war, and the western countries that impose it are just pursuing their selfish aspirations, Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said Sunday.

“We do not want war. And we do not need it at all. And those who impose it, especially from the West, they pursue their selfish fabrications,” Patrushev told reporters.
Remarks that Russia allegedly poses a threat to Ukraine are completely absurd, he added.

“Currently, they say that Russia threatens Ukraine. Complete nonsense. There is no threat. Ukrainians themselves, including officials, say that there is no threat,” Patrushev told reporters.

The official added that the US is set to supply Ukraine with arms and is not concerned about possible losses.

“No, American officials state that there is a threat and that they are ready to fight, providing [Kiev] with weapons to the last Ukrainian. They do not care what losses each side will incur or not,” Patrushev said. (ANI/Sputnik-image instagram)

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