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Russia strives for clarity through talks in Geneva

Moscow, Jul 27: Russia hopes that the upcoming strategic stability consultations in Geneva, scheduled for Wednesday, will bring clarity regarding how serious Washington’s intention to maintain dialogue is, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said.

“This is the first kick-off meeting, where we should understand how serious the attitude of our US colleagues is to maintain a focused and energetic dialogue on strategic stability, on which the presidents agreed. We have thoroughly studied everything we have heard up to this day, but we have no unambiguous conclusions so far … Everything is possible,” Ryabkov said.

The Russian diplomat expects “some continuation” after the bilateral negotiations.

“However, to what extent tomorrow’s event will contribute to progress is a big question. I would abstain from inflating expectations,” Ryabkov added.

Russia has submitted proposals regarding the agenda of the talks to the United States, the diplomat recalled.

“We do not share approaches to everything, this is obvious and quite understandable, but the meeting is held exactly to launch the process, analyze our differences and try to find areas for cooperation,” Ryabkov concluded

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