Russia imposes sanctions against Ukrainian foreign minister, NSDC Secretary

Moscow [Russia]: Russia introduced sanctions against Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba as well as National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksiy Danilov, according to the decree published on the Official Portal of Legal Information.
“The list of individuals against whom special economic measures are being introduced are … Danilov Oleksiy, … Kuleba Dmitro,” the decree read. There are currently 922 people on Russia’s sanctions list.
Danilov, on his part, responded to the news on Facebook, saying that the sanctions imposed by Moscow against him were the best assessment of his work and a “gift” for the Ukrainian Independence Day.
The bilateral relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated in 2014 after Crimea reunited with Russia. The West sided with Ukraine in blaming the crisis on Russia, while Moscow rejected all accusations as baseless.

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