Roopa Ganguly breaks down

Asks TMC why not discuss in Parliament on women rape issue, murder of BJP workers in West Bengal

New Delhi [India], August 4 : Reacting to TMC leader Derek O’ Brien’s derogatory remark against Home Minister Amit Shah, West Bengal Bhartiya Janata Party leader Roopa Ganguly on Wednesday broke down with tears and said that why not will discuss in Parliament on crime cases against women of West Bengal and murder of BJP workers there.
On the discussion of the recent Delhi rape case and Pegasus issue in the Parliament, Ganguly while talking to ANI said that ” there are so many rape cases happening in the West Bengal. In 2015 and 2016, there have been 35,000 cases per year of crime against women in West Bengal. In post-poll violence in West Bengal in May women had been disrespected and that who will discuss these issues in the Parliament,”
“15 to 30 such incidents have happened in West Bengal of rapes, who will speak about it, whenever you go out to speak in the Parliament, you are made to sit with a shout, citing that it is a state issue,” alleged Ganguly.
“We are in the ruling party at the Centre, so we are not even given a chance to speak, whenever I raise an issue, I am silenced at the Parliament, sometimes we feel that we should also stand with placards with the protestors instead of going to the opposition party and raise our voice. What’s wrong?” said Ganguly.
“In West Bengal, why so many girls are being raped continuously, why no one talks about it, so many workers are being hanged with their hands and feet tied, they are being beaten up, I can give you details of all such cases” further alleged Ganguly.
” There are two issues in this- Bharatiya Janata Party workers’ heads are being shaved, they are being told to do sit-ups by holding their ears while they are being bribed to come to TMC,” alleged Ganguly.
“It has become a habit for them to do all this and speak all this, they feel that this is politics, so they keep doing such hair shaving with BJP workers, that is why all these words come easily on their mouth,” further alleged Ganguly.

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