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Roberrt movie review: This Darshan film is agonisingly unoriginal

Roberrt movie star cast: Darshan, Asha Bhat
Roberrt movie director: Tharun Sudhir
Roberrt movie rating: 1.5 star

Director Tharun Sudhir’s latest movie Roberrt released on Thursday amid a lot of expectations. It is expected to revive the box office business in the state, which is reeling under the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The film stars Darshan as Raghava, an obedient, god-fearing and peace-loving person. In fact, he goes over-the-top in his humility. He is a cook at a catering service that supplies south Indian food to funeral ceremonies in Lucknow. He has a son named Arjun, who is the opposite of Raghava. Vengeful and obstinate, Arjun finds it impossible to sleep at night till he gets even with people who have crossed him.

The father-son duo is living contentedly until Arjun’s vindictiveness gets him in trouble with a powerful gangster. Raghava is forced to abandon his pretense at humility and wake his inner demon to protect his son. Soon, all the secrets that Raghava is trying to protect begin unravelling.

Roberrt has a simple plot that is replete with clichés, such as good-hearted gangsters and a beautiful heroine (Asha Bhat) who is ‘tamed’ by the hero. She abandons her western clothes and ways for traditional half-sarees to impress the hero. And yes, there are a few characters (Chikkanna) who are tasked to forcefully bring comic relief in this agonisingly unoriginal movie. To complete the menageries, we also have some dumb evil people ((Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Kishan and P Ravi Shankar) whose only job is to make our hero look smart.

The plot holes in Roberrt are breathtaking. The director greatly compromises the narration to favour the hero adulation in this yawn-inducing film.

Roberrt is Tharun’s attempt to make his own Baashha, the Rajinikanth blockbuster that has been copied countless times since 1995, but in vain. It is high time that the filmmakers realise that the tried-and-tested template of Baashha itself is of no value without the impetus of human imagination.

We now know when characters with no discernible physical strength push around a giant of a man, it is a precursor to an action piece that would reveal the actual prowess of our hero. We see that coming a mile away. And if the filmmakers are not subverting that expectation, then what’s the point? Where is the fun in retelling the stale story over and over again?

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