Ritwick Chakraborty: ‘If Politics Become Alternative Route For Actors Then Commoners Will Suffer’

The curious case of actors joining politics is nothing new or surprising. Like many others across the country, closer home, in Tollywood as well, there have been so many instances. Should actors join politics? This has been a debate for a long.

For actor Ritwick Chakraborty, joining active politics is one’s personal decision. But, above all, like any other common man, actors, too, should be aware of the political scenario. “If you are joining a political party you have to adhere to certain responsibilities. Every political party has its own ideology, and complexities and when someone joins that particular political party he/she will have to follow that ideology or tackle those tricky situations. But when someone changes a party frequently his/her loyalty and responsibilities to a particular political party becomes questionable. But everyone has personal political views and the more people are aware of it the more our society gets benefitted,” explains the seasoned actor.

The battle for West Bengal in the Assembly election earlier this year also turned out to be a battle for Tollywood as a host of Bengali actors and actresses officially joined politics and even contested in the election. However, after the election, some decided to quit politics and it raised quite a few eyebrows. Many questioned is politics becoming an alternative career for actors these days.

Ritwick feels that everyone is in search of an alternative according to their own choice, “Yes, we all look for alternatives but if politics become alternative route for actors then the commoners will suffer. This profession too needs ample time and dedication. Surviving in politics is not a cakewalk. The good thing is not for everyone it’s an alternative; they have the much-needed passion. But yes, actions from some actors have led people to think otherwise.

Meanwhile, speaking about his recent release ‘Binisutoy’, the actor says he’s so excited and happy to see the turnaround in theatres and it is a good sign for the industry. Up next for the actor is Kaushik Ganguly’s film ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’ which also stars Arjun Chakrabarty and Sohini Sarkar. Ritwick is also making his debut on digital platform with two web series.

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