Riteish Deshmukh: Marathi Cinema Should Be Given Post-Pandemic Boost

Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh performed to Marathi songs at the opening ceremony of IFFI 2021. Genelia performed for the first time in almost 10 years to ‘Apsara aali’ from ‘Natrang’, while Riteish danced to the ‘Mauli’ song.

The couple was present there to talk about Marathi cinema and the boost it needs after the pandemic.

Riteish said, “I would request Anurag Thakur (I&B Minister) that regional cinema, which is like a younger brother to Hindi cinema, be given incentives and a post-pandemic boost. We are not behind in terms of content, but, of course, we need a commercial strategy and government support to help us exploit our potential. We need help in planning, showcasing, and the presentation of our films; it will make a lot of difference. The actor further pointed out that the boost to Marathi cinema will align with the government’s current plans, and added, “The government aims to make India the hub for world cinema, the place of choice for filmmakers and film lovers”.

The I&B Minister recently expressed the government’s steadfast commitment to make India a content creation powerhouse and the post-production hub of the world. Anurag Thakur had said, “We aim to make India a powerhouse of content creation, especially regional by scaling up regional festivals. We are also steadfast in our efforts to make India the post-production hub of the world, by leveraging the immense tech talent amongst our skilled youth. We aim to make India the hub for world cinema – a destination for films and festivals and the most favoured place for filmmakers and lovers!”

The Minister also outlined the government’s progressive and ambitious vision for IFFI. “Our government’s vision for IFFI is not limited to one event, but what IFFI should be when India celebrates its 100th year of Independence”.

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