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Renaissance Dam construction politicised by Sudan and Egypt

Moscow, Jul 27: Egypt and Sudan are politicizing the issue of Renaissance Dam construction on the Blue Nile and are trying to get other countries involved just to solve their internal problems, while the dam in fact carries no environmental risks, Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia Alemayehu Tegenu here on Tuesday.
“There is no single drop of water reduction for the downstream countries. Egypt and Sudan internationalize and politicize the dam to solve their internal affairs. The dam has no significant harm [for Egypt and Sudan],” Tegenu said.

The dam is designed in the way to prevent damage for the downstream countries and to secure a “win-win, equitable” utilization of resources, the ambassador emphasized.
“There is no reason for the two countries [to be] standing against the dam. Simply, to tackle their internal affairs, they use the dam aspect. They are trying to politicize the dam issue, the dam issue is purely technical. If there are technical issues, engineers could discuss and settle the issues. In this case, we see no technical issues,” Tegenu added.

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