Recipe: Tricolor Cake With A Rasmalai Twist

No celebration is complete without a lip-smacking dessert and if it’s Independence Day, why not soak in its spirit and give a tricolor twist to your plate.

Whether you are a cake person or a rasmalai lover, this recipe has the elements and taste of both.

Tricolor Rasmalai Praline Cake

(Recipe by Chef Anees Khan)

Ingredients for making sponge

Fresh eggs: 150 gm

Sugar: 100 gm

Flour: 110 gm

Melted butter: 60 gm


Whisk the egg and sugar, till ribbon stage, and fold in the melted butter in room temperature; lastly add the flour.

Divide the batter in three equal portions. Add orange and green food colour to two portions respectively and leave one uncoloured.

Arrange in required sequence. Bake it at 200 degrees for 20 mins.

Let it cool for use.

Ingredients for making whipping cream

Whipping cream with 36% fat: 300 gm

Castor sugar: 60 gm

Method for making whipping cream

Whip the cream and castor sugar at cold temperature until stiff.

Divide it in four parts. Colours two parts in orange and green, leave the rest uncoloured.

Ingredients for Nut Praline:

Almond roasted: 100 gm

Castor sugar: 100 gm

Method For Nut Praline

Make a dry caramel till it comes out in amber colour.

Add the roasted almond and castor sugar.

Let it cool and use it later for use.

Ingredients to assemble cake

Rabdi: 80 gms

Rasmalai: 4 pcs

How to assemble

Take the sponge and divide it into three equal halves.

Soak the green-coloured bottom layer in rasmalai syrup and spread whipped cream, rabdi chopped rasmalai, and praline nuts to it.

Take the second layer as plain and repeat the same procedure as above, and then put the orange-coloured sponge and soak it with rasmalai milk. Give a crumb coat with plain whipped cream, finish it with one more layer. Decorate with orange, white, and green whipped cream with the help of a star shaped nozzle.

Serve and enjoy!

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