Ravi Kinagi Shook After Someone Created Fake FB Profile In His Name

Be it the fake profiles with their names and photos on several social media platforms or obscene text messages, several of such cybercrimes against them is giving celebs sleepless nights. The latest victim is popular Tollywood director Ravi Kinagi. His incident is the latest in a series of incidents reported by Tolly celebrities in recent times.

The director is shocked to hear that someone created a fake Facebook profile in his name and sent an indecent message to actress Payel Sarkar and he’s really disturbed to see such scams are on the rise.

“It is really a concern to see how this is becoming a trend. Someone creates a fake profile in the name of celebs and tries to lure aspiring actors and actresses. My advice will be please be careful when you come across such social media accounts who try to get close with acting offers and then send such messages or bullies them. Please be extra cautious and stay alert. I am also contemplating legal action. Let’s see how I can proceed. I will also contact the cybercrime department from my end,” the filmmaker who has given hits like ‘Annadata,’ ‘Champion,’ and ‘Love Story’ shared in an interview.

He adds use of pictures for fake accounts is equally unacceptable, “I have heard that the culprit has deactivated his account but I have full faith in the police. But I must say Facebook authorities should ban such kinds of posts or keep a tab on the profiles who are sending such messages to others. These scams destroy our images and create unnecessary harassment for people like us. One must take action and complain to the cybercrime department in case of any mischief.”

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