Rakhi Sawant Tells Paparazzi About Her New House In Dubai: Video

Rakhi Sawant was spotted at the Mumbai airport Monday night when she returned from Dubai. The actor-dancer has opened her dance academy in Dubai and has flown to the city. In her interaction with the paparazzi at the airport, Rakhi revealed getting a new residence and vehicle in Dubai; however also were given emotional as she noticed the spot where she had once welcomed her husband, Adil Khan Durrani, with rose petals.


Rakhi was seen in a black gymnasium put on as she arrived at the airport Monday night. She was caught trying to preserve tears as she spoke about her late mother and Adil, who is presently in jail over Rakhi’s domestic violence criticism. A paparazzo shared films of Rakhi on Instagram.

In the video, she talked about opening her dance academy in Dubai. She stated, “waha pe aur ek ghar liya maine, gaadi lia, meri company ne mujhe dia (I got one more house in Dubai, and additionally a car my agency gave that to me).” But she stopped midway and broke down in tears as she talked about the spot where she had showered Adil with rose petals in July final yr. “Adil ke sar par phool daale they maine, aapko yaad aara hai, uska swagat kia tha. Aur usne apni girlfriendo ko bola ki naatak hai (do you don’t forget, I had showered Adil with roses and welcomed him. And he instructed his girlfriends that it became all a drama).”

Rakhi’s husband, Adil, was arrested after she filed an FIR against him, alleging he mishandled her finances. Rakhi additionally accused him of domestic violence. An FIR was also filed in opposition to him in Mysuru after an Iranian student accused him of rape.

Rakhi’s mom died of cancer in January. She has additionally accused him of thrashing her up on the day of her mom’s death.

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