Rajasthan Set To Launch Mobile Application For Tourists

The government of Rajasthan is all set to launch a mobile application for the convenience of tourists on the World Tourism Day, which is on 27th September. The main motive of this app is to facilitate tourists visiting Rajasthan. According to a government official, the application will be made available on Google play store. The iOS version of the app is also under development and will be introduced in a few weeks.

Nishant Jain, Director of Tourism Department said, “All information regarding tourist spots, modes of transport and other services will be available through the application… Users will be able to know if the local service provider is registered with the department”.

While there are several apps providing information about tourism in Rajasthan, this state government’s official application will offer reliable and real time information. The official also said that there will be schemes and a number of promotional activities through the application.

Recently, the state government passed an amendment bill in favour of tourists which said that misbehaving with tourists will be considered a cognisable offence in Rajasthan. It will also be a non-bailable offence if repeated. Tourism is a prime industry in Rajasthan. The state is visited by thousands and lakhs of domestic and oversea tourists every year. Most of the time, tourists would complain about touts and illegal vendors.

According to the new bill, whoever commits the offence of touting shall be arrested without warrant by police. The punishment could be three years in prison or fine of up to INR 30000 or both. If a person is caught again for the practice of touting, they shall be arrested without warrant by police. The punishment could go to seven years or a fine up to INR 1 lakh or both.

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