Protests in many countries against Taliban’s seizure of Afghan territories

Ottawa [Canada], August 15 : Multiple protests were held in Australia, Canada, the UK and Austria on Sunday against the Taliban’s seizure of key regions and brutal offensive in Afghanistan.
Afghan diaspora and other people living in Canada, Australia, Manchester and Vienna staged protests against the Taliban, denouncing their aggressive advance and barbaric acts in Afghanistan. Protesters also called to sanction Pakistan for their proxy war in Afghanistan. On Saturday, Afghans living in the southern Australian city of Adelaide also called for an end to the ongoing violence in Afghanistan by the Taliban and denounced the Pakistan government for their intervention in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.
As the Taliban has gained ground in Afghanistan’s key regions, the terror group is conducting severe human rights violation and their brutal acts have forced Afghans to flee.
As per the UNHCR, nearly 4,00,000 were forced from their homes since the beginning of the year, joining 2.9 million Afghans already internally displaced across the country at the end of 2020.
The violence has dramatically surged in Afghanistan as the US drawdown started in May this year. In the build-up to the August 31 deadline, the Taliban has managed to seize the majority of the territory and key border crossings.

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