Commemorate Victory of ’71 war

Leh (Ladakh) [India]: As part of ‘Swarnim Vijay Varsh’ celebrations to commemorate India’s victory in the 1971 war, a cultural programme was organised by NCC cadets of 1 Ladakh Scouts Battalion National Cadet Corps on Friday in Leh under the aegis of Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps.
The event showcased the courage, valour, and sacrifices of the Indian Army in the 1971 war, against Pakistan, which lead to India’s greatest military victory and the creation of a new nation Bangladesh, according to Colonel Emron Musavi, Public Relations Officer, (Defence) Srinagar. Tales of valour of the brave soldiers who fought various battles in Ladakh were narrated in the programme.
A light and sound show was also organised on the occasion by Fire and Fury Corps at the Hall of Fame in Leh.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lit the ‘Swarnim Vijay Mashaal’ at the National War Memorial on last year’s Vijay Diwas on December 16, 2020, to mark the year-long 50th-anniversary celebration of the 1971 India-Pakistan war.
Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year on December 16 to mark India’s triumph in liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971.
In one of the fastest and shortest campaigns of military history, a new nation was born as a result of the swift campaign undertaken by the Indian Army.
After facing defeat in the 1971 war, the then Army Chief of Pakistan General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, along with his 93,000 troops surrendered.

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