President Ghani leaves Afghanistan after Taliban entered Kabul

Kabul [Afghanistan] : Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday left the country after the Taliban entered the capital city.

Ghani’s close aides have also left the country along with him. Earlier, there are negotiations going on in the Afghan Presidential Palace ARG to transfer power to the Taliban with Ali Ahamd Jalali as head of the new interim government on Sunday, according to the sources.

Sources have also said that Ali Ahamd Jalali will be appointed as head of the new interim government.

Meanwhile, Acting Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal in separate video clips assured the people of Kabul will be secured as they are protecting the city along with international allies.
Mirzakwal said Kabul will not be attacked and that the transition will happen peacefully. Mirzakwal assured Kabul residents that security forces will ensure the security of the city.

Earlier, the Taliban in a statement assured residents of Kabul no to be afraid as they are not intended to enter the Afghan capital militarily and there will be a peaceful movement towards Kabul.

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