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Prarthana Announced Her Campaign “Happy Us”

Ever since actress Prarthana Behere announced her campaign — Happy Us — on Instagram, wherein she’s selling her acrylic water-based paintings to raise funds to help a family for a kidney transplant, her phone hasn’t stopped buzzing. Her DMs are flooded with messages of people praising her for taking up the cause and thanking her for inspiring them to do something similar.

The ‘Ti And Ti’ actress put up five of her paintings for sale and the proceeds for the same will be used for the cause. “When I started painting, I got a random call from a distressed girl whose father’s kidney got affected due to COVID infection and needed a kidney transplant, which would cost Rs 11 lakh. She asked if I could contribute in some way. I assured her that I would try to raise funds by selling five of my paintings first,” says Prarthana, adding, “In the beginning, I was a little unsure because I didn’t want people to think that I quit acting and started selling paintings in the lockdown. However, after much introspection and verifying the request, I realised that the need for the money was genuine and I needed to do my bit through my artworks. Thankfully, I am getting a good response from people and two of my paintings are already sold. The money is directly going to their account. The pandemic made me relealise that I could use my art to help those in need.”

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